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Work With Christina

Salary Negotiation

NEVER settle. Waiting on an offer letter or need to go to your boss for an increase in pay? I have presentation templates and best practices when negotiating for more money.

Interview Tactics

Be in control. I have interviewed thousands of candidates over the past 10 years. There are simple and effective strategies that we can work on together to land your dream job AND understand red flags within an organization.

Diversity + Inclusion

Being gay in the corporate world was NOT easy for me at first. Now, it is one of the reasons I love what I do. I bring my full self to work. If you feel this way, we need to work through it. I could never of reached my full potential if I did not get out of my own way.

Investment Property

Ready to buy your FIRST investment property? We should 100% talk and strategize on the area and the market before you dive in. I learned a ton buying my first property.

Getting Promoted

Create a plan. Are you ready to make more money and take on more responsibility? You need to stand out. There are little things you can do everyday to set yourself apart from the rest of your team. Let's chat about it!

Resume Review

Make a fist impression. Sometimes, your resume is the first thing someone sees of you. Let's work together and make sure you are telling the right story about your past work life and what you have achieved.