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About Me

Over the past decade I have led top performing sales teams (Drift & Smartsheet), Co-Founded a Boutique Cupcake Shop (Cupcake Mojo) and now have entered the world of Real Estate.

I have pushed myself to be in the 1% of earners in the US and I am nowhere near done yet.


👆This is the result of a diverse income strategy, while working smarter AND harder.


Lets start here...

I did NOT grow up with the "silver spoon". My mother raised 3 kids as a single parent and I was fortunate enough to learn from her. Her strength and her drive to succeed through any hardship that came her way, made me who I am today.


Everyone asks me how I started my career in sales and, it's not glorious. I googled "how to make the most money out of college" when I was sitting in my college library during my senior year.

The answer was clear to me: I needed to be in software sales. 


The more people I saw making huge commission checks, the more I wanted to succeed. I started as an individual contributer, where I had the opportunity to change my financial status, quickly. From there I went into sales leadership until I became completely burned out from the corporate world.


I knew I needed to find another path and I did that in Real Estate investing. Which leads me to where I am at today...

I own multiple long term rental properties and flip 2-3 houses a month. I am truly at the most exciting part of my life right now, mainly because I can help people. I can finally use all of the things I have learned (the good, the bad & the ugly) in sales and in real estate to help anyone who is willing to break through the noise. The main thing I did different than other people is, I started. I stayed consistent and I took risks. 


When I am not talking about real estate I am catching a sunrise, walking my dog, watering my plants, at the gym or trying out a trendy new restaurant/coffee shop (big foodie).

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